This is crucial. For your ease, we have divided the documents we require into different categories. It’s pretty self-explanatory but just in case you need someone to guide you through it, feel free to ping on our chat or shoot us an email at [email protected]

Identity Proof

  1. Latest passport-size colour photograph of each of the authorized signatories.
  2. A copy of one valid photo identification signatories, Permanent Account Number (PAN)/ identity proof of such beneficial owners as identified above. 
  3. Identity proof of the Senior Managing Official in case the ultimate natural person is not identified as the beneficial owner. 
  4. Identity proof of Senior Managing Officials in case the ultimate natural person is not identified as the beneficial owner.

Address Proof

  1. Address proof of such beneficial owners as identified above. 
  2. A copy of one address proof of each of the authorized signatories. 
  3. Address proof of the Senior Managing Official in case the ultimate natural person is not identified as the beneficial owner. 
  4. Address proof of Senior Managing Officials in case the ultimate natural person is not identified as the beneficial owner.

Take a look at the points below which confirms the Identity & Address proof of Entity/Firms, Identity & Address proof of Individuals (i.e. Proprietor, Partner, Director, Authorized Signatories etc.) required for opening current accounts of Non Individuals. This is pretty much an exhaustive list.
Feel free to reach out for any queries.

  1. Any certificate issued for registration/operations/Trade License/business by Local/State/ Central Government/Government Agency/SEBI/IRDA/ICAI/ICSI/ICWAI/Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India in the name of entity/firm. E.g.: Sales Tax, TIN/VAT/TAN etc.
  2. APMC/Mandi License/Certificate
  3. Labour License/Certificate
  4. Professional Tax Registration Certificate
  5. Trade Mark Registration Certificate
  6. Liquor License/Registration Certificate
  7. Drug License
  8. Registration Certificate issued by Excise & Customs Department.
  9. License/Certificate to Sell/Stock/Exhibit for Sale or Distribute Insecticide/Pesticide
  10. Registration Certificate issued under Weight & Measurement Act
  11. Police Department Permission/License/Certificate
  12. Regional Transport Office Permit/Registration Certificate
  13. Consent to Operate document issued by State/Central Pollution Control Board
  14. Sales Tax Registration Certificate/TIN Certificate/VAT Certificate/Service Tax certificate/TAN certificate/Allotment letter for new firms not older than six months. BSM/BM/CBM/DBM/ RHS to visit communication address and submit report as per Annexure 3 in case details of TIN/VAT/ST etc. could not be verified from the official website of issuing authority
  15. Valid Shops & Establishment Certificate/Trade License. Validity can be extended up to the grace period for renewal as mentioned in such certificate.
  16. Certificate Issued by SEZ(Special Economic Zone), STP(Software Technology Park), EHTP(Electronic Hardware Technology Park), DTA(Domestic Tariff Area) and EPZ (Export Processing Zone) in the name of the entity mentioning the address allotted
  17. Importer–Exporter Code Certificate along with PAN Card (if PAN is quoted on the IEC Certificate) 
  18. Certificate/License issued by Indian Medical Council
  19. License issued by the Food and Drug Control Authorities
  20. Letter/certificate issued by Village Administrative officers/ Panchayat Head/Mukhiya/ Village Development Officer/ Block Development Officer for customers in rural/village areas stating the details of the existence of the firm (should be on letterhead and not more than 3 month old) to be accepted with BM/BSM/DBM/CBM/RHS site visit report as per Annexure 3 along with bank officials details mentioned on AOF. Certificate should be used as entity proof for entities registered and operating from rural areas only
  21. Trade License in the name of entity
  22. Factory Registration Certificate in the name of entity
  23. SEBI Registration Certificate in the name of the entity
  24. Certificate of enlistment/license/shop allotment letter issued by Municipal Corporation (Kolkata, Ludhiana and others)
  25. Shops & Establishment Certificate issued by E-Seva Kendra’s (Andhra Pradesh). Receipt issued only by Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) to be accepted along with Shops & Establishment Certificate.
  26. The Shops and Establishment Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporations in West Bengal are valid till March 31 every year. The entities are given time up to July 31st to renew the certificate. On application, the Municipal Corporation starts issuing the certificate from August 1st. Expired certificate (for last financial year) and the latest renewal fee receipt copy duly acknowledged by the MC to be taken.
  27. Provision trade license issued by Agartala Municipal Council/ Grampanchayat in West Bengal
  28. Copy of PAN Card in the name of firm (only for Partnership firms, HUF & JV)
  29. Partnership registration certificate issued by Registrar of Firms. (Only for Partnership firm)
  30. License issued under Explosive Act in the name of Firm

Entity Proof

  1. Official landline/mobile number and official email ID of the entity.
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the entity.

Other Documents

  1. Board Resolution (BR).
  2. Shareholding pattern/ list of beneficial owners holding more than 25% in the company either directly or indirectly (on letterhead). Certificate of incorporation.
  3. Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).
  4. List of directors in the provided format
  5. A cheque of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 from existing Savings/Individual Current Account. Please note that this is an account opening cheque as part of the KYC requirement.

Forms to Submit
Click on this link to download the forms to be submitted along with the documents.
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